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Lush Avenue;; Sexy Little Things
26th-Jul-2010 11:54 am(no subject)
model --> touch me

an icon challenge dedicated to the beautiful models of the fashion world.
23rd-Jul-2010 11:00 am - shameless promotion
nicole --> hooray
gaga_challenge is holding round 2 of their lims in addition to their regular challenges. sign ups are going on now SIGN UP HERE
nicole --> hooray
lushavenue has been bumpy for the past couple of years because iconmaking got to bemore of a chore than being fun for me so i stopped it and neglected it -- and my community for a long time. i removed all the makers i had in here, most of them never made a post anyway, so it's back to being only me. I'm looking for a whole new staff of makers for a fresh start.

I'm looking for about 6-8 makers, so if you're interested (or know someone that may be interested send them my way!) fill out an application!

all comments are screened, i will inform you if you are accepted
3rd-Jun-2009 10:54 am - we need new makers!!!
miranda --> seductive
Damn, it's been a while since i've been here! I've been so insanely busy with my senior year of high school, and now that i've graduated, got a new car, chose my college, and all the good stuff, i have time to make icons again! I'm going to be so rusty so please work with me haha. In the mean time, i need new makers.


Fill out the application and post it in a comment, all comments are screened:
19th-Jan-2009 10:27 am(no subject)
hey, i`m lisa michelle i`m a new maker here at </a>lushavenue. hope you like my post, please feel free to leave comments & or requests with HQ pictures :) <3

- comment with exact #'s
- credit dashedhearts @ lushavenue
- please don't : hotlink / steal or edit / or use @ other sites <3
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
+ i knew the pathway like the path of my hand Collapse )

29th-Dec-2008 10:36 am - looking for makers//sorry i'm MIA
jess --&gt; tattoo
I know i suck lately, and i never did the holiday requests, but i've been so busy and so tired lately i honestly haven't made one icon in about a month. I'll get back into it though, i just need to be inspired.

Lushavenue is in serious need of new makers, if you're interested, or you know someone who is interested, apply and tell them to come apply! I'm looking for about 3-4 people to make this place lively again, we're almost at one year being open and i don't want to see this place go!

fill out this form:
2nd-Nov-2008 10:19 am - we need new makers!
nicole --&gt; hooray
We've lost two makers in the past week, and with me being super busy, we need new makers to keep this place alive. If you're interested in posting here, fill out the application that is provided =).

22nd-Feb-2008 12:02 pm - MAKER APPLICATION
model --&gt; touch me
Lushavenue is looking for one or two new makers. I may only accept one person, or i may not accept anyone.

If you'd like to be a maker here at lushavenue please fill out the form below.

choice of sidebar picturesCollapse )

all comments are screened, i will reply to you at the end of this week and let you know if you made it =)
27th-Jan-2008 11:31 am - MAKER APPLICATION ;; CLOSED
miranda --&gt; blow dryer
If you'd like to be a maker here at lushavenue please fill out the form below.

choice of sidebar picturesCollapse )

all comments are screened, i will always reply to you and let you know if you made it or not && why. =)
27th-Jan-2008 11:06 am - LOCKED
miranda --&gt; blow dryer
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